Rosanna’s Kitchen

I started Rosanna’s Kitchen in May 2014 while I was struggling diet wise having been diagnosed with IBS. By the time November rolled around that year I was still feeling horrendous 80% of the time. Like the blog, my eating was a little all over the place. I would try and stick to a FODMAP diet but sneak in treats at the weekend. I tried to avoid wheat and dairy as much as possible but still ate the odd slice of cake and bar of chocolate.

As I write this in March 2015 it’s been about 14 weeks since I last had any wheat or dairy and my stomach problems have all but faded away along with all the other symptoms I was having. Having had such a great result I decided that I’d refocus my blog here on healthier, more nutritious eating and focus on the foods that I can eat without causing my whole system to go haywire.

Given all of that, from now on those older posts will be hiding away over in my new archive area.

I’ve never shared a picture of my cook book collection here but it is pretty large and I have a hefty collection of health and diet related books too. Like an addict of any type I’ve taken to hiding the evidence of my addiction in the form of ebooks on my kindle. So my plan is to try and use all of the random pieces of info that I have tucked away in my brain having read all of those books and expand this site a little to help me keep the healthier habits that I’ve started to develop in recent months.

Update 2016: You can read a little about my change of diet as of 2016 over here.

Disclaimer: I have little formal training in food and diet. I am not a dietician, nutritionist or health professional of any sort so this blog is merely my own musings on the topics that interest me while I try to live a life as healthily as possible.

For anyone who reads the about pages of blogs to see a picture of the author – here I am, with my better half in Paris last year, what an amazing place!

Rosanna McInerney

Also, because I like to post photos of my dog Axel at every possible opportunity, here he is in all his white fluffy glory: