I swear I do not spend my entire life eating chocolate based treats. I spend a lot of time doing that but not ALL the time.

These kind of came about after I read a post over on Molly Yeh’s fantastic blog – Hazelnut Cocoa Granola Bars. I immediately thought I must make those! However, I had no honey, no tahini and was far too lazy to go toasting oats and hazelnuts. I will make them though someday, I think they sound amazing.

nutty rice krispie treats
Nutty Rice Krispie Treats

Instead I cobbled together a similar enough recipe for nutty rice krispie treats from the ingredients that I did have in my cupboard. I have yet to have a failure when it comes to mixing cocoa, peanut butter and dates in various combinations with other ingredients. I knew these would be a winner.

They were so good they were all eaten before I got a chance to take any pictures. So I had to make them again. Life is tough sometimes!!

nutty rice krispie treats

Ingredients for Nutty Rice Krispie Treats

1 Cup of Nuts – I used Almonds and Hazelnuts in these
1 Cup of Date Paste
2 Heaped Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder
2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds (optional but nice and crunchy)
2 Cups of Rice Krispies


Put the whole nuts into a food processor and blitz until they’re chopped up a bit. Alternatively put them in a plastic food bag and bash them on your counter top until they’ve broken up into smaller pieces. I can highly recommend doing it this way if you’ve had a stressful day.

Throw these into a bowl with the date paste, cocoa powder, chia seeds and peanut butter. Using a wooden spoon smush it all together. It might take a bit of work but get your hands in there if necessary.

Next add the rice krispies. You want to be a bit gentler with these so you don’t smash them all up.

There’s no need to be ashamed if you eat plenty of this mix while doing all of the above.

Line a container with cling film. I used a small baking tray, something like a square brownie tray is perfect. Pop in the fridge to set. Once set use a sharp knife and cut into squares or rectangles. Store in the fridge for a week or in the freezer for longer. These are fine to eat straight from the freezer, they’re nice and chewy but retain the crisp!

nutty rice krispie treats

So I was thinking I need to change the name of this blog to something like – rosannaspeanutbutterandchocolaterecipes.com
Has quite a ring to it doesn’t it?