Maple Pecan Baked Peaches

Oh look at me with two posts in a matter of days! I’ve had some sitting almost ready to go for about a month now, so lazy! I think it’s the warmer weather we’ve been having, or the abundance of seasonal fruit and veg at the moment but I find myself wanting to take pictures of things again 🙂 It helps that we finally have some natural light that’s bright enough to showcase the beauty of the ingredients that are available at this time of year.

Speaking of summer, I think I’ve found my breakfast of the season with these juicy, sweet maple pecan baked peaches. Juicy peaches, topped with a maple pecan crumble and served with a dollop of your yoghurt of choice they are tasty served warm or cold. They are also a great option for a healthier dessert.

Maple Pecan Baked Peaches

These are so easy to throw together, you really have no excuse. Be sure that you have ripe, juicy peaches however, the success of this dish really does depend on the ingredients so make it while you can! Leftovers can be kept in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days.

Maple Pecan Baked Peaches

Ingredients for Maple Pecan Baked Peaches

Serves 4

4 Ripe Peaches
2 Cups Oats
1 Cup Pecan Nuts
2 Tbsp Oil (Coconut or Olive)
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup


Preheat your oven to 180C(fan).

Roughly chop the pecan nuts, by hand if you’re feeling energetic, or in a food processor if you are lazy and impatient like me!

Mix the oats and pecans together in a large bowl.

Combine the maple syrup and oil together (gently heating the oil to get a liquid consistency if using coconut) and add to the bowl with the oats and pecans. Mix this together well until the oats and pecans are coated and clumping together.

Wash your peaches, I like to keep the skin on so the peach halves keep their shape when baked. Slice in half and remove the stone.

Place the peach halves in an oven proof dish and top with spoonfuls of the maple pecan mixture, pop in the oven for 35 mins or until golden brown on top. Serve with yoghurt or ice cream, depending on your mood! To keep these dairy free, I used some soy yoghurt but a nice dollop of a full fat greek yoghurt would be amazing!

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