Homemade Nakd Bars

Homemade Nakd Bars

Trying to cut down on wheat and dairy, venturing into the world of baking with alternative flours and generally trying to improve my diet has meant some more frequent visits to the health food shop.

Looking for a snack one day I picked up a Nakd bar. I reckoned since it was pretty small and the ingredients were simply dates, nuts, raisins and cocoa that it couldn’t be bad and might help the sugar craving.

homemade nakd bars
Homemade Nakd Bars

Turns out these homemade nakd bars are unexpectedly tasty and became a bit of an addiction! Though they are quite small they’re very filling and rich enough to satisfy even my chocolate cravings which is saying something.
At a cost of 95c each though and with most supermarkets not stocking these I thought I’d give making my own version a go.

From this recipe I got about 12 bars and I estimated they cost approximately 30c each to make.

I did wonder if it was worth calling this a recipe and posting it on here at all but these are so seriously tasty, good for you and handy to have in the fridge or freezer that I thought it a shame not to! It’s an added bonus that you can make a batch in about 5 minutes. Sometimes simple is just what you need.

homemade nakd bars

Ingredients for Homemade Nakd Bars

Makes about 12 servings
2 Cups of Dates
1.5 Cups of Cashew Nuts
2 Tbsp Cocoa
2 Tsp Vanilla Extract (Or Mint, or Orange)


Put ingredients in food processor. Process. Try not to eat too much of the mixture while you line a suitable container with cling film and press the mixture in. After 30 minutes in the fridge you can take it out and cut it into whatever shape takes your fancy.

Wrap them individually and keep for a couple of months in the freezer, or store in a container in the fridge, my last batch still has a few left and they are still good 3 weeks later.

Note: Though the original Nakd bars contain raisins as one of the ingredients I’m personally not a big fan of them so don’t tend to have them in the house. As a result I don’t include them when I make my own Nakd bars. If you do have them however you could replace a couple of dates with a tablespoon or so of raisins. The important thing is to keep the overall ratio of dried fruit to nuts quite similar to the above.

homemade nakd bars

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  3. Kirsteen Mackay

    26 September

    I’m really looking forward to trying these too. I love cashew nuts but have you ever tried substituting them for other nuts such as walnuts? That’s all I have in my cupboards just now so I think I’ll give it a go.

    • Rosie

      3 October

      Hi Kirsteen, I hope it worked out for you – I think most nuts would work in this recipe – cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts or even pecans would be amazing.
      It’s a pretty handy base recipe that you can modify very easily. Try some peppermint or orange essence in it too – it tastes great!

      • Rebecca Maclean

        11 February

        Any advice on how to make the banana bread flavour?

        • Rosie

          13 March

          That’s a flavour I’ve never tried Rebecca but I’ll have to. I love anything banana flavoured.

  4. Lauren

    1 October

    Thank you for the recipe πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      3 October

      No problem Lauren, thanks so much for checking it out!

  5. Natasha

    21 October

    Hi these look lovely. You seem to have missed out the raisins though. How many do you use or don’t you use them?

    • Rosie

      21 October

      Hi Natasha, well spotted! I’ll update the post.

      I don’t use raisins in my Nakd bars at all, I’m not really a fan of them in general so never have them in the house. Quantity wise you could probably replace 2-3 dates with a tablespoon or two of raisins.
      Honestly though I’m not sure they would make much of a difference to the overall taste or texture.

  6. RoKno

    5 November

    Can’t wait to make these! Especially as we have the same name πŸ˜‰

    • Rosie

      5 November

      Hope you enjoy them!
      Nice to meet another Rosanna, even if it is only virtually πŸ™‚

  7. Maria

    1 December

    Hey Rosanna, what would you add to make a Nakd Cocoa Crunch? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Rosie

      1 December

      Hey Maria,

      You could check your local health food shop for soya protein crispies. Like rice crispies but made with soya.
      I’ve been trying to replicate another health bar that has these in it but used rice crispies – it didn’t quite work though! i don’t think they are strong enough to cope with the rest of the mixture.

      So if I get my hands on those soya crispies I will give the cocoa crunch bars a go and up date the post!

  8. Paula

    3 December

    Great recipe! I will love to try it someday. I have a question, should the cashews be raw?

    • Rosie

      5 December

      Hey Paula,

      Yes, I always use raw nuts in these types of bars.


  9. Marta

    17 December

    Can I just say how much I love your ideas.
    I made my own nakd bars that are pretty similar to yours.I was wondering though if you could advise me regarding a food processor. Every time I put dates in any food processor I have got feeling that because they are so sticky, they will damage the motor. Do you cut all dates first?
    Thank you.

    • Rosie

      28 December

      Thanks Marta, so sorry about the long delay in replying! I don’t do anything special with dated before i put them in. Just ensure they are pitted, i’ve made that mistake!
      My processor is a small cheap one and it copes quite well with these nut and date recipes.

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  11. Richie

    16 January

    I have a nakd bar addiction which is costing me a fortune so thanks for the recipe, I made my 2nd batch last night! Cool tip: Add a small amount of chunkier pieces of cashews to the mix for chunkier taste. Taste great!

    Thanks again!

    • Rosie

      26 January

      Sounds good Richie! I throw all kinds of things into these now to mix it up a bit! Peppermint oil instead of vanilla is really good! Also a few cranberries or dried raspberries works really well too!
      I think the combinations are endless πŸ™‚

  12. Sue

    25 January

    Hi Rosanna

    I made these and shared them on my FB page…someone has commented that they are about 550 calories each, is that about right do you think? Sounds a lot to me πŸ™

    • Rosie

      26 January

      Hi Sue!

      I hope you liked them, I checked the calories for each ingredient in the recipe and each bar comes in around 150cals.

      That assumes you use this recipe to make 12 bars and they are a decent size! I think that’s worth it!


  13. Silvia

    26 January

    Hi – what kind of cocoa did you use?

    • Rosie

      28 January

      Hi Silvia, I use Green and Blacks Cocoa, it’s a dutch processed one though I think for this recipe any type will work!


    • gerry

      28 January

      Help, my mixture a bit too dry. Any thoughts on what I could add?

      • Rosie

        28 January

        If you need you can add a little water a spoon at a time.

  14. Emma

    25 February

    I was just sitting here eating a storebought Nakd Bar, and it reminded me to google how to make them. Am so glad I did! These look SO simple and good. Am adding the ingredients to my online supermarket shop as we speak! Thanks for sharing.

    • Rosie

      13 March

      Thanks Emma! Hope you made them and liked them!

    • Bianca Hepburn

      16 March

      Hi Rosie,

      You are a life saver. You are going to save me quite a bit. Nakd is about the most delicious snack bar I have come across that is gluten, wheat, diary and cane sugar free also I can still have my “chocolate”. Since I have a problem with the above my food list has become quit limited but have been experimenting a lot. Definitely going to try this recipe.

      • Rosie

        8 May

        I hope you tried it Bianca and enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting.

  15. nick

    1 May

    Just had a go at the naked bar recipe, used cashews, dates, dried mango and a drop of honey. Also added almond extract, perfect. Thank you.

    • Rosie

      8 May

      Sounds awesome Nick!

  16. Louise

    2 June

    I tried this and the dates broke my blender! Should I have soaked them first? Or maybe invest in a good quality blender? Ha!

    • Rosie

      23 June

      Hey Louise, I’m really sorry I didn’t reply before now!

      It depends on the dates really. If you used dried dates then it might be better to soak them for 10 mins before hand to soften them up but I never have.

      My processor is a cheap one too so yours should get through them ok. Do be careful though that the dates are pitted. I have found wayward stones in my supposedly ‘pitted’ dates before and they can cause problems by getting caught in your blade.

      • Nicola

        30 July

        Love these bars! What blender do you use as mine after making a few batches has broken too so need to get a new one

        • Rosie

          9 August

          Hey Nicola, sorry for taking so long to reply! My professor is pretty old and not very powerful! It’s a kenwood, a basic model. I find sometimes it starts to smell like the motor will give up so I tend to pulse a bit and give it a little break every few minutes!
          A vitamix is on my wish list though! Or a magimix

    • Amanda

      9 November

      If you put the dates in the microwave for a minute or so with a couple of tablespoons of orange juice or water, it will help to soften them dramatically, and less work for the processor motor to do. I use dried dates as they are cheapest, and this method helps to add the moisture back in too. I love the oj flavour, it gives it a lovely tang, but doesn’t really taste like orange at all! Let the dates cool for a little bit if the liquid boiled, so it will be easy to handle.

      • admin

        28 November

        What a great idea Amanda! I am definitely going to try this πŸ™‚

  17. Laura

    11 June

    Hi just wondering what type of dates you used? Thanks x

    • Rosie

      23 June

      Hi Laura,

      I’ve used different kinds but usually the semi soft ones – Delget Nour.
      Medjool dates would be great too but they are expensive.

      If you use dried dates, might be best to add a couple of teaspoons of water to get the right consistency or pre soak them for 10 mins to soften.

  18. Mari

    18 July

    Just came across your blog from a google search for homemade nakd bars and I immediately made these! I used almonds and pecans with 1 tbsp ground ginger and 1 tbsp ground cinnamon – delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      9 August

      Sounds delish!

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  20. Ciara

    11 August

    Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I’ve been making these for months now – they’ve become an absolute staple in my house. I add some dried cranberries for a little tang and a little extra cocoa so they’re really chocolatey. They’re far better than actual Nakd bars.

    • Rosie

      11 August

      Love the cranberries! Must give it a go. I throw all sorts of things in to make these now, the combinations are endless. They’re particularly good with medjool dates and pecan nuts.

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  23. […] fruity, nutty taste without the guilt? Sign me up. Recipe here […]

  24. Stacey

    22 September

    I love Nakd Bars! These look absolutely amazing and your 100% right about them being addictive. The amount of packs our household goes through in a week is criminal! I can’t wait to give your recipe a go.

    • Rosie

      22 September

      Thanks Stacey! Hope you like the recipe! I make versions of this all of the time! The combinations are endless.

  25. Amy

    25 September

    How on earth did you have any left 3 weeks later? I’ve just made my first batch & I’m not sure they’ll last the night πŸ˜‰ Added some coconut flakes & almond extract & now I can’t stop eating them! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      25 September

      Love the idea of the coconut! Must try! Thanks for your comment!

      • Katherine

        27 September

        I make these with hazelnuts for a Nutella style! I also made some last week with toasted coconut, rehydrated dried mango, ground almonds and some apricots. YUMMY!!

        • Rosie

          27 September

          I am loving all these suggestions! Yum yum!

  26. gaia

    2 October

    Hey there I love them, I looked for the recipe after I found them in the local store. Just a question, in the one I bought they say there are only dates and cashew, nothing added, but then they are stored outside fridge, is that possible? They are great also as pocket snack for cyclists!

    • Rosie

      3 October

      Hi Gaia,
      I think they are fine to store out of the fridge once they are in a sealed container but they will last longer if refrigerated. Although they don’t tend to last long enough to go off in my experience!


  27. Gina

    2 November

    It would be so great if I could make these as the cost of the real bars does add up! I’m thinking about getting a Nutribullet; that would work for this recipe, right.?..:/

    • admin

      28 November

      Hey Gina – I’ve never tried making these in a nutribullet. I use a food processor usually or a higher powered blender.

  28. paula

    18 November

    ha ha! I’m eating a cocoa orange one with a cuppa reading this just love these bars definitely making some! πŸ™‚

  29. Lee

    26 November

    Hi Rosanna. I’m a healthy eater and I don’t eat normal food like sugar, additives, processed food, etc. So I don’t normally go to normal shops or buy sweet things from a shop such as candy bars. However, on certain occasions I’ve found myself very hungry and without access to any food, so I’ve ended up having a few Nakd bars, and I found them utterly delicious. They’re the tastiest thing I have eaten in a long while. They taste like candy bars! I really wish I could keep eating them, but the problem is I really cannot eat non-organic food, it doesn’t agree with me and I don’t want to put it in my body. Well, I really wasn’t expecting to find anything but I have just googled for a Nakd bar recipe and found your recipe! So I can now make my own fresh, oragnic Nakd bars! I am thrilled! πŸ™‚ It will be a couple of weeks till I can get the ingredients as I have to go out of town to get real ingredients, but I’m really looking forward to this! Thank you so much Rosanna! πŸ™‚ I will check out the rest of your site too. πŸ™‚

    • admin

      28 November

      Hope you love them Lee!

      • Lee

        17 November

        Dear Rosanna, I want to thank you so much for this recipe. I have been using it and making my own delicious Nakd bars.

        I just have a couple of questions though:

        1. When I make these bars, they always taste a little dry and powdery and you can sort of “taste” the cocoa powder as a powder. The bars don’t have that squelchy, melty, toffee texture but instead they are more on the powdery side. Can you think of a way to remedy this? I really don’t know much about cooking! Thanks.

        2. Also, the dates I use have quite a sharp, pungent smell, almost a slightly alcoholic smell (even though I buy as fresh as possible). Therefore the bars don’t taste *quite* like Nakd bars, they have a strong “date” taste.

        If you could offer any advice that would be much appreciated, thank you Rosanna πŸ™‚

        • Lee

          20 November

          Sorry, forget my second question, I tried using a different supplier of dates and they smell/taste much better now. But I am still struggling with texture. The bars I make are delicious, but radically different to the moist “toffee” texture of Nakd Bars. The bars I make are dry, crumbly and much lighter. You can eat them much quicker!

          • Rosie

            1 January

            Hi Lee, depending on the dates you use you may need to adjust the amount, add more dates for a moist texture. You can also add a tablespoon or so of water to get the texture that you like!

  30. Josie

    14 December

    These look brilliant, I love Nakd bars and have been wanting to make my own for a while!

    Did you use medjool dates or just normal dates for them? Did you have to soak them at all before using them? Thanks,

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

    • admin

      21 December

      Hi Josie, When I made these at first I used dried dates. I never soaked them but depending on your processor you may need to!
      If using Medjool dates I would maybe use fewer dates so the consistency stays easy to work with.

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  33. Sarah

    13 February

    I just made these and they are SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    I added dessicated coconut and cacao nibs and rolled mine into balls. It’s such an easy recipe to put your own twist on.

  34. Doriane

    5 March

    I just made these and they’re delicious! Thank you so much for sharing!

  35. Paddy Dunne

    19 November

    Works really well in a Nutri-Bullet. I need to perfect the Bakewell Tart and Rhuarb and Custard flavours!, of the bought variety, anyone had a go at these? Thanks for sharing your recipe. Am now a new subsriber

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