Food Philosphy

It’s funny how no one ever says ‘I opened the pack and 5 minutes later I’d eaten every last carrot’. Substitute carrot for biscuit in that sentence though and most people have probably muttered it once!

We are surrounded all the time by bits of information on what to eat and not to eat, on what’s a healthy diet and what isn’t. Years of following every diet known to man (other than those that require starvation – I love my food too much – no cabbage soup/liquid diets here!) means I’ve probably screwed up my metabolism completely. I can tell you right now that switching on a daily basis between low carb diets and low calorie or low fat ones does not work!

I think I’ve finally learned to actually listen to what my body is telling me instead of forcing it to fit a structured diet plan. For me lately that means no wheat, no dairy, less sugar and plenty more veggies, fruit and whole foods.

I like to eat and cook food that’s energising, nourishing and tasty and easy to prepare. So that’s my basic eating plan these days – I try to just eat real food as much as possible and move a little more!

simple chickpea dip