best ever breakfast smoothie

This breakfast smoothie really packs a punch in the mornings. As well as being totally delicious it’s full of vitamins and nutrients – a meal in a glass.

Some notes on the ingredients
I use frozen berries, banana and spinach – this makes the breakfast smoothie nice and cold – if you’re using fresh throw in a couple of ice cubes.
I always seemed to either not have a banana in the house or just have really black ones that need to be thrown out so now I just peel a whole bunch, chop each one in half and freeze them all together in a freezer bag. It works really well.
Likewise with the bags of baby spinach, I never seemed to have it fresh when I needed it so I now I just put the whole bag in the freezer. Again it freezes well, no issues and it’s always available! I think that blanching the spinach before freezing might give a better nutritional hit but I’m always wary that it might be slimy then. I’ll need to experiment with that one.
For the nut butter – either make your own (I’ll post the instructions soon!) or make sure you buy a pure one with no sugar or palm oils etc added. I use peanut, almond or hazelnut butter…
Milled flax is very easy to come by these days – I use one that has seeds and dried berries milled with it. It’s delicious!
The breakfast smoothie would probably work with regular milk too but I like to use light soya or nut milk.


Breakfast Smoothie Ingredients

A handful of frozen berries
Half a frozen banana
A handful of baby spinach leaves or Kale
A tablespoon of milled flax
A tablespoon of nut butter
Almond or soya milk


Blend in a blender!
Pour into glass.
Insert straw and drink.


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