Healthy Veggies

This year I’ve tried to focus on eating more healthy foods instead of restricting the not so healthy ones. I think it helps to focus on adding food to your diet rather than taking it away, somehow it doesn’t seem quite so difficult to do!

So I’ve been working on making sure I get enough fibre, that I’m eating enough fruit and vegetables and that I’m drinking water. I fail constantly on that last one.

Saying all that, I haven’t been eating any dairy or wheat since last November so the foods that I usually try to give up when I’m on a healthy eating kick are just not part of my life any more. I can’t say I don’t miss chocolate and pepperoni pizzas but I’m over it so I won’t go on about it here.

I have come across some great blogs and websites though that definitely inspired me along the way so I thought I’d do a quick round up of the best ones. Hope you’ll find them useful too!

Healthy Eating Inspiration #1

Ella Woodward blogs over at Deliciously Ella and shares the most amazing looking healthy meals and treats. Check it out for the sweet potato brownies and I particularly like this post about eating well on a budget. Being the cookbook addict that I am I bought her cookbook in kindle form and it’s just as beautiful as her blog.

Healthy Eating Inspiration #2

Closer to home Indy Power blogs over at The Little Green Spoon. More beautifully shot healthy recipes to be found here. Check out the recipe for healthy caramel squares!

Healthy Eating Inspiration #3

Over at I Quit Sugar you can find information on living a sugar free life. The sad side effect of the low fat push of the last few decades has meant that we’re consuming more and more sugar and it’s finally being recognised as a real general health issue. This site has loads of inspiration for sugar free living. (I also own the cook book. Please don’t judge me!)

Healthy Eating Inspiration #4

I’ll straight up admit that I could never be vegetarian or vegan. I like eggs and steak far far too much. I do think that it’s a good idea to be more mindful of the animal products we consume though and like I mentioned above I’m trying to focus on adding more vegetables to my diet. If you haven’t ever ventured over to Oh She Glows then you are in for a treat. It’s full of inspired vegan recipes.

Healthy Eating Inspiration #5

If these girls are not an advertisment for eating healthily then I don’t know what is. The Hemsley sisters write for Vogue, blog over at Hemsley and Hemsley and are taking over the world one country at a time with their cook book “The Art of Eating Well”. Yes, I do own it, judge away…..

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